Privacy Policy

Last update : 2021 june 01

This notice applies to our company, our employees, our customers and suppliers. It describes how our websites or our employees may collect, use and share information about you, and explains how the information may be collected and used for advertising purposes.

By using the site and, more specifically the secured loan application form, you agree to the terms and conditions of this notice.

Collection and use of information

Collection of personal information online

"Personal information" means any information about you and allowing you to be identified, including your name, gender, address (postal or email), telephone, mobile or fax numbers, your employer, your income, your social security number and your bank account numbers.

How we collect this information

All information about you is collected only through online application forms or through discussions with our customer service agents. By completing the interactive online form or by answering questions from our customer service agents, the customer implicitly consents to disclose this information to us and that we use it in the course of our business. In addition, he consents to us confirming this information with third parties, mainly that concerning his duration of employment with his employer. We do not confirm any other confidential information.

How we use personal information

  • We may use the personal information we collect to:
  • Respond to your secured money loan requests;
  • Evaluate your financial situation and offer you financial products adapted to your needs;
  • Set up a file that will be summarily communicated to a lender;
  • Inform you about the offers of financial products that may be of interest to you;
  • Manage the loan for which you have applied and / or which has been granted to you;
  • Adapt your browsing on our sites to your personal situation;
  • Facilitate the renewal of a loan guarantee or your procedures when you apply for a new loan guarantee;
  • Verify your identity and your job;
  • Detect and prevent possible fraud;
  • Find or meet you when needed.

How personal information is shared

We do not share the personal information collected with anyone except one or more lenders that we have previously approved and who are subject to the same rules as those we impose on ourselves or with law firms or collection agencies responsible for collecting debts due to us when the customer has not, for whatever reason, honored his commitments. In addition, we may be required to disclose all or part of the information collected to government authorities who may be empowered to obtain it in the performance of their mandate.

Further information

Other information, which is not of a personal nature and which does not reveal your identity, is collected automatically by our and your browser, such as cookies, pixel tags, IP addresses and other technologies. This information is only used very broadly to build demographics, income levels and consumption patterns. We have very little control over these collection procedures and you can learn more about how to counter or disable them on the site of the browser you are using.

We or our advertising service providers may also use certain information about your activities on our sites, such as the pages visited and search for keywords entered to help determine which of our advertisements or offers offered is the most effective. We limit access to and collection of information for specific purposes by our advertising service providers.

Advertising on third-party sites and mobile applications

Surety Express awards contracts to advertising agencies to advertise our products and services on mobile sites and applications; these agencies are not affiliated with us but they only have access to information useful for building and maintaining mailing lists. These third party sites and mobile applications are not subject to our privacy policy.


To protect personal information against unauthorized access and use, we use security measures that exceed or, at a minimum, comply with applicable federal and provincial laws. Among other things, all our employees must sign a very strict confidentiality agreement; any deviation from this commitment would be severely sanctioned. All the data collected is stored on secure and recognized sites, which offer solid guarantees regarding the preservation of the integrity of the information collected and its access by unauthorized persons.

Accuracy of information and access

Keeping your account information accurate and up to date is very important to us. If your account information is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date, please use the Contact Us option on our site, or call our customer service department.

You can at any time know the information that we hold about you, maintain your consent or withdraw it, or demand the destruction of the information held. We cannot refuse to accede to such requests if you have fulfilled all of your obligations under the loan and surety agreement. On the other hand, if the loan and / or the guarantee are still in progress, the information will be kept until the end of the contract. You can also at any time decide not to provide us with the information requested on our form and during an interaction with one of our agents but, in this case, Surety Express will not be able to grant you the loan guaranteed and requested or to agree to the requested service.

Updates to our privacy policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change; it may be updated to allow us to comply with government consumer protection requirements or to answer questions from customers who call us and are concerned about the way we are dealing. You can contribute to its quality and relevance by notifying us of any deficiency you may notice by contacting the person below. Any changes to this notice are effective when posted on our websites.